What You'll Gain

  • Real Insight About Moving To Africa

    Africa presents many beautiful opportunities for people of the Diaspora seeking alternative experiences in travel, investment, and livelihood. Yet there are very few comprehensive resources that walk you through how to make the move. Our content couples the best research about moving to the continent with honest insight from lived experience.

  • Business Perspective

    We know that many people are interested in moving to Africa for its abundant and in many cases, budding business ecosystem. We dive into the nut and bolts of how to plan financially, what to invest in, and provide resources and direction on building viable businesses on the continent.

  • African & Western Perspectives

    All of our courses and instructors have lived in the West and moved to Africa for some time. As such, they have nuanced and rich perspectives on social & cultural issues and structures that impact and influence life and opportunities in both places. We tackle questions on cultural nuances openly and with thoughtfulness and empathy.


Bridget Boakye

As of this year, 2020, I have spent almost 5 years in Ghana. Through a series of life events, I landed back in Ghana from NYC where I was raised on January 2nd, 2016, and could not leave. I was taken by the energy and complexity of the business ecosystem in Accra. Among some of my proudest work during my time in Ghana must be my writings. I published 400+ articles with more than 8+million views across various platforms. Today, I work as a data scientist, writer, and consultant. You can stay updated on my work through IG: @boakyeb. We put our heart and soul into these resources and hope it will be useful to you in your journey. I truly hope that this course & our accompanying books at boakyeb.com is of value to you as you embark or continue on your journey to Ghana.

Nana Ashanti

Nana Ashanti Akwaaba. Welcome. I always say that I was born in Ghana but I became a woman in New York. I am part of the “import-export” generation of African children whose parents kept ping-ponging them between countries in hopes of finding the dream of a better life. I made the move to Ghana in November 2019 and I could not have prepared enough. I currently work as a Business Lecturer at the University of Cape Coast, teaching business courses to undergrad long-distance mature students. I also run my family’s basic school and create visual content about Ghanaian lifestyle on my Youtube channel, which you can watch and subscribe to at www.youtube.com/NanaAshantigh Africa is welcoming and warm. We hope that this course and our accompanying books on boakyeb.com give you all the information you need to make the move!

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Great material!


Yo I learned so much from it. There is so much info in here that I didn’t know, mind you, I’ve been going to Ghana since 2015. IG: @king_markus/